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Inside and out, top to bottom, Ross provides a comprehensive building inspection report that details all aspects of a residential home.

His sharp builder’s eye makes him naturally drawn to anything out of the ordinary, and he has a particular knack for identifying defects and levels. This sample report showcases the detail delivered in each Insight Building Inspections report.

All inspections are conducted to Australian Standards (AS 4349.1 2007).

Fully licensed and insured, you can rely on Insight Building Inspections to deliver a fair and honest analysis of residential property.

Ross’ insight into South East Queensland’s property landscape provides an added advantage with his keen eye quickly able to identify areas to further investigate. From the direction of the sun to the slope of the land and adjoining trees and properties, Ross begins taking mental notes before he even steps out of the car.

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When you’re looking to purchase a quality home, ensure you have a quality inspection performed. Book Insight Building Inspections for a thorough investigation and unbiased, detailed report.
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